September 18, 2018
Arthur Buck at KEXP Studios
Seattle, Washington

Peter Buck (of R.E.M. fame) and Joseph Arthur (of, well, Joseph Arthur fame) team up as the dynamic duo of Arthur Buck. Their record is the result of a forgotten guitar left behind by Arthur after Buck’s Todos Santos Music Festival in Mexico. Last year Arthur made the trek back to retrieve it and actually stayed with Buck for a few days and, with an oceanfront view, the two shared songs that they were working on and … Arthur Buck was born! The single, I am the Moment, was released in April (shortly afterwards made its Fenway Park organ debut) and the self-titled album appeared in June. Arthur had opened for R.E.M. during their Around the Sun tour and Buck has played guitar behind Arthur periodically over the years, notably, on Late Nite with David Letterman where the two (along with R.E.M. bassist, Mike Mills) performed the Lou Reed cover, Walk on the Wild Side. This KEXP concert includes light interviews throughout with tracks from their latest release: “Wide Awake in November,” “The Wanderer,” “Can’t Make It Without You,” — along with (“the new hit from our next album,”) “Fall in Love with Me.” Check out the official videos from their record and then please take a look below at the bargains in our eBay store as we help you build your music collection for less.

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